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Amb Mutale

H.E. Ambassador Rev. Edith Mutale

Zambia at a Glance

Location:    South Central Africa. It is bordered by Angola 1,065 km; Botswana 0.15 km; Democratic Republic of the Congo 2,332 km; Malawi 847 km; Mozambique 439 km; Namibia 244 km; Tanzania 353 km; and, Zimbabwe 763 km.

Climate:    Three seasons: warm wet season (Nov-April); cool dry season (May-August); hot dry season (Sept-October)

Area:         752,618 Square Kilometres

Capital City:    Lusaka

Population:   14 million (2010 census); 15 million (2015 estimate)

Population Growth:    2.88% (2015 est.)
Official Language:     English

Major Economic
Activities:   Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing and Tourism.

Currency:        Zambian Kwacha
Inflation Rate:    7.9% (2014 est.)

Gross Domestic Product:   GDP at official ecchange rate: $26.76 billion (2014 est.); GDP (PPP) $61.05 billion; GDP composition, by sector of origin: agriculture: 10.8%; industry: 32.9%; services: 56.3%.

GDP per Capita:      $4 100, PPP (2014 est.)
GDP real Growth Rate:    5.4% (2014 est.)

Traditional Exports:   Copper, Cobalt, Electricity, Tobacco, Cotton, Timber, Floriculture/Horticultural products, Gemstones, Cement and Textiles.

Major Export destinations: Switzerland 23.4%, China 14.1%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 13.4%, South Africa 6.1%, UAE 4.9% (2014)

Major imports:    Crude oil, Chemicals, Medicines, Machinery, Iron, Steel, Manufactured goods, Transportation equipment, Fertilizer and Clothing.

Import sources:    South Africa 31.3%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 18.7%, China 9.3%, Kenya 8.3%, Algeria 5.9%, India 4.4% (2014).


Swedish entrepreneurs discuss investing in Zambian Healthcare
13th September, 2013

Swedish Minister of health and Social Affairs, Goran Hägglund, has urged Swedish entrepreneurs to consider investing in the Zambian Health-care due to the fact that new measures implored by the Zambian government to revamp the health sector is yielding positive results and rating the Zambian health-care as one of the fast growing in Sub-Sahara.

Mr. Hägglund made these remarks in Stockholm, Sweden, recently when he was addressing participants who attended the conference organized by SWECARE, a Swedish organization specializing in health-care investment in Sub Saharan region.

The Swedish Minister disclosed that he met and discussed revamping of Zambian healthcare with Zambian Minister of health Dr. Joseph Kasonde, in Geneva and he was impressed with the development taking place. Mr. Hägglund will be leading a SWECARE delegation accompanied by several Swedish entrepreneurs in healthcare to Zambia in November this year.

Speaking at the same function, Patrick Barje, Project Manager, SWECARE, who was in the delegation that visited Zambia in February this year, concluded in his report that Zambia is very ripe for health-care investment.

Zambian ambassador to Sweden Reverend Edith Mutale assured interested entrepreneurs in Zambian health-care sector that Zambia is a very peaceful and welcoming country to investors as evidenced by first Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata who graced the SWECARE seminar in lusaka in February this year.

Zambian Ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Reverend Edith Mutale addressing participants at the SWECARE conference

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