Embassy of the Republic of Zambia

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Why invest in Zambia

Zambia is an attractive investment destination offering various lucrative investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and mining. The investment climate is characterized by a stable macroeconomic environment, stable political system, investment guarantees and security, duty free access to regional, wider Africa and USA markets and unrestricted repatriation of after-tax profits. Zambia has signed double taxation agreements with a number of European, North America, African and Asian countries. Hence investors from such countries are not liable to tax in more than one country or territory.  The government offers a well-balanced package of fiscal incentives in priority areas as well as additional negotiated benefits to strategic investments. 

Zambia has predictable laws and policies with a Government that is committed to investment. Government is pursuing a zero-tolerance policy against corruption.  Local and foreign investors are treated equally. The people are highly peaceful and friendly. The Zambian economy is a well advancing free market economy without price, exchange and interest controls. There is reduced or free import duty on certain raw materials and imports of capital machinery/equipment.

Market for Zambian products

Zambia has a relatively large domestic market comprising a population size of about 12.2 million (2007 estimate). In the SADC region, Zambia’s major trading partner is South Africa which accounts for about 60% of Zambia’s trade.  Further, Zambia’s central location offers trading opportunities with all the 8 surrounding countries. Huge trade opportunities also exist through agreements/membership to:

  • Everything But Arms (EBA) Market Initiative to the EU;
  • AGOA Market Initiative to the USA;
  • Canadian Market Access Initiative;
  • Chinese Market Access Initiative;
  • Japanese Market Access Initiative; and
  • WTO.

Major imports 

  • Crude oil, machinery/equipment,  textiles, pharmaceuticals

Major exports

Traditional exports

  • Copper & cobalt

Non traditional exports (NTEs)

  • Agricultural products (i.e. sugar, tobacco, cotton and cotton lint and yarn) and horticultural products (fresh vegetables), floricultural products (i.e. cut flowers), gemstones, timber, electricity, cement.

Listing on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE)  

The Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE) is a relatively new stock exchange. It is a modern stock exchange. LUSE was voted the best performing Exchange in the region for the second consecutive year. LUSE is affiliated to the African Stock Exchanges Association; Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges and Federation of World Stock Exchanges 

Listed companies on the exchange include British American Tobacco (BAT), BP, Chilanga Cement, Farmers’ House, National Breweries, Standard Chartered Bank, ZAMBEEF, Zambia Sugar Company and the Copper Energy Corporation (CEC).

Why list on LUSE:

  • No foreign exchange controls;
  • Unregulated exchange and interest rates;
  • Modern securities regulation; and
  • Listed stock dividends are exempt from 15% withholding tax (for individuals and effective 1st April, 2006).

For listing requirements visit the LUSE website at www.luse.co.zm.

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